Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Check Out the BACCHUS Network Websites!

By Nelson Anderson (Area 4) and Katie Starry (Area 3)

            It all starts here! Everything you ever wanted to know about BACCHUS can be found on this site. You can see new and successful programs that campuses in our area have created.  You can also find resources to use on your own campuses and tap into BACCHUS’ four annual health promotion toolkits, such as Safe Spring Break!

            Find all the resources needed to prevent tobacco use, increase cessation and create policy change for tobacco-free campuses on this website!

            Need facts, program ideas, and resources to create effective sexual health programs?  This website provides information, resources and tips to assist peer educators to help students keep the romance but be responsible with their sexual health choices.

            Want to have a positive impact and reduce impaired driving at your school? Check out this website with information regarding the prevention of drinking and driving and ways to encourage friends to take care of friends.

1 comment:

Mark Rosenblum said...

I know it's an ongoing uphill battle building a culture of safety within the college community, but keep up the great work!